Brandon  Bunch

Brandon Bunch

Brandon Bunch: I was an infantry man in the US marine corps from 2000-2004. I served two tours in Iraq, the first in the invasion in 2003 with kilo company 3rd battalion 5th marines. The second I served as a combat replacement with weapons company 2nd battalion 2nd marines in 2004. I didn't struggle with effects of combat in my opinion until the summer of 2010, one year after my wife delivered our still born daughter. I had been diagnosed with PTSD at the time of discharge from the marines in 2004 but I hadn't allowed it to affect me until then. Little did I know that summer of 2010 my struggle with PTSD would turn my world upside down. I noticed since that time when I focus on something bigger then myself, serving others, great things happen. The last few years i have been focusing on being an entrepreneur and serving our American Heroes. EBV Texas A&M