Sis  Wenger

Sis Wenger

Sis Wenger is President and CEO of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA), a leading prevention education, advocacy, and membership organization focusing on children and families affected by addiction in the home. Sis created and managed a training institute that trained over 10,000 school, court and community professionals. She taught addiction studies at the college level for 9 years, spent 10 years as a lead substance abuse trainer, written numerous articles, co-authored books, and program materials, including SAMHSA’s Children’s Program Kit and Help Is Down the Hall: A Handbook on Student Assistance. She has also directed The Clergy Education and Training Project® that has created training manuals for clergy education. Her specialty is children and families impacted by parental addiction. She has been the recipient of multiple awards, including two presidential awards and the NIAAA Senator Harold Hughes Award for translating research into practice.