John  Elder

John Elder

John Elder leads Elder Research (, America’s largest and most experienced data mining consultancy. Founded in 1995, and with offices in Charlottesville, VA and Washington, D.C., Elder Research has solved projects in a huge variety of areas of mining data, text, and links. John has co-authored three books on practical data mining, ensembles, and text mining; two won PROSE awards for top book in mathematics or computer science. In addition to being the author of data mining tools, a discoverer of ensemble methods, the chair of international conferences, and a popular keynote speaker, John is best known for explaining complex analytic concepts with clarity, humor, and enthusiasm. He has degrees in Engineering (Systems, UVA + Electrical, Rice) and is an occasional Adjunct Professor at UVA. He was honored to be named by President Bush to serve five years on a panel to guide technology for national security