Rebecca DiFilippo

Rebecca DiFilippo founded a prepress business in 1986, which she successfully operated for over 12 years. In 1998 her business was awarded the Business Excellence Award for Etobicoke, ON. In 2001, she was hospitalized with clinical depression and struggled with a long battle back to full recovery. Her devastating experience led to the creation of Moods magazine, a consumer publication covering various aspects of mental health with an emphasis on prevention. As a result of her struggles, she openly discusses her long road to recovery, her many losses, the many causes of depression, and how she was affected as a business owner, employee, mother, and spouse. She has sat on several mental health-related Boards and has been awarded numerous awards for her work with Moods magazine, “moodsmag” on the Internet. She is also an artist who is currently working on a series of paintings, which depict the many emotions of mental illness in an effort to help others understand this insidious illness.