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Robin Williams

Robin Williams, MA, JD, IBCLC, knows about breasts, bras, and breastfeeding. A certified lactation consultant, Robin has since 1994 worked on and off with Bosom Buddies, which started that year with a single store in Denver and has grown to include two Denver stores and online sales. Robin has fitted more than 8,000 women with bras over the years, finding that perfect fit for women at all stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding, life. The women she cares for have breasts in every size, from band sizes 30 to 48, cup sizes AA to M—and beyond. She was recently involved in conducting a small study of 20 women, measuring breast and band changes from 11 weeks of pregnancy through 9 weeks postpartum; the leading finding: changes start very early and continue throughout, sometimes with surprisingly quickly. Robin is the mother of three boys, twins (age 6) and a toddler (19 months). Bosom Buddies is online at; use the coupon code MARIE to save 10% until the end of 2013.