Mark  Scheeren

Mark Scheeren

Mark Scheeren is the Chairman and co-founder of Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., the alcohol and drug research company that is the creator of the non-disease, non 12-step model of alcohol and drug education. For over two decades Mr. Scheeren has researched hundreds of different methods, facilities, and cultures worldwide in an effort to discover the many keys to improving the quality of life. Out of this research, the most effective residential program in the world was created in 1992: the St. Jude Program. In addition, the Saint Jude Home ProgramĀ® was created to address the needs of the thousands of people who needed help with substance abuse issues but who could not attend a residential program. Mr. Scheeren and his wife Danielle have three children. His other interests include big game hunting, boxing, running, motorcycle riding and hiking in the Adirondacks.