Beth Green

Beth Green has always been a revolutionary, first as a social activist, then as a spiritual activist. Combining higher consciousness, spunk and common sense, Beth uses humor, insight and intuition to help us transform. Before 1978, she was a social activist, lending heart and soul to creating a more just world. A spiritual awakening in 1978 revealed her astonishing ability to instantly access a guiding inner voice. Since then, Beth’s spiritual power, courage and passion for helping others have made her an effective original teacher and counselor for individuals and groups. In 1983 she founded, originally named The Stream. Her intuitive healing work is fast, deep and precise. She has written 5 books. Her Huffington Post blogs offer fresh thinking. All her work – music, workshops, trainings, the Inner Revolutionary School – confront the ego, but nurture the soul. She has two video platforms: Inner Revolutionary TV on VoiceAmerica.TV and Beth Green TV on YouTube.