Aran  Coker

Aran Coker

Aran Coker, VP of Astute Electronics, opened the company’s first North American facility in 2007 to provide Hi-Rel industries security when purchasing through independent distribution. After starting the company in 1999, he saw multiple changes within the market place; adjusting to industry needs while maintaining the quality control became one of the factors of Astute’s success. While Aran recognizes that the US is at the forefront of counterfeit mitigation, he draws from his experience in the European market to add a global perspective to the company’s NA customer base, strengthening its processes and controls. In addition to Astute’s QA & Operations, Aran is overseeing the development of an extensive in-house counterfeit test mitigation suite in accordance with industry standards. This mitigation tool, along with vendor control, has created a secure model for OEM’s and EMS procuring non-traceable product, resulting with the engagement of many Industry Primes.