Joey  Jaworski

Joey Jaworski

Joey Jaworski is the oldest son of Frank and Anna Jaworski. When he was one year old he started begging his parents for a baby brother. Having two female cousins his same age, Joey felt outnumbered and he wanted to even things out. When his mother told him that God might give them a sister, Joey said, “Don’t worry, Mom. Dad works at the hospital. If we have a girl, Dad can just switch it for a boy before we come home.” Clearly, Joey was determined to have a little brother. Right before Joey’s third birthday, Alexander Jaworski was born. Little did anyone know that Alex was born with a serious, congenital heart defect. Within Alex’s first year of life, he had 2 open-heart surgeries in a hospital 3 ½ hours from their home. Joey’s world was turned upside down. Alex then had another open-heart surgery when he was 17 and Joey was 20 years old.