Eleanor Millard

Eleanor Millard’s professional career began in Dawson City with four years as area social worker in the Northern Yukon. She was a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Ogilvie (Dawson City), 1974-1978, and Minister of Education, Recreation, Housing and Employment. She’s worked extensively in adult education, as a consultant for research and program implementation in education and social services, and delivered presentations in all three Northern Territories. She’s served on boards for adult literacy, social advocacy, third-world development, and the Yukon Territorial Health and Social Services Council, among others. She founded and is active in the Grandparents' Rights Association of the Yukon and the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers organization. She authors novels reflective of her experience with First Nations. Her latest, ‘Summer Snow’, http://www.eleanormillard.com/, is based on her own experience of adopting a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.