Anika  Francis

Anika Francis

Anika Francis is an author and instructional designer/Yoga Therapist and owner of the Atlanta-based company, Edspire, LLC, She was exposed to schizophrenia as a child when her mother developed it. She experienced schizophrenia’s ravaging affects as she tried to support her mother and cope with the emotional roller coaster created by her mother’s illness. She cultivated a powerful drive and focus. She excelled academically and attended an Ivy League college where she discovered her interest in writing, and traveling. Her love of learning and writing led to a career developing training programs. Based in Atlanta, she owns a company that focuses on transformational learning. Yoga played an important role in her transformation and healing. She’s taught yoga for several five years and trained to be a certified yoga therapist. She’s passionate about teaching people how to use yoga for mental wellness and healing.