Amikaeyla, author of Embracing Dynamite: A Step by Step Guide to Your Best Life Through the Power of Sound and Spirit unlocked her self expression and healing in a burn unit after a near fatal hate crime. Told that she would never walk again, she now travels the world using music to help others lift themselves out of painful circumstances. Amikaeyla’s music and presence opens paralyzed voices and transforms wounded spirits. She is a lay ambassador worldwide for the United Nations and her non-profit ICAHSI (International Cultural Arts and Healing Sciences Institute) develops innovative programs to unlock dynamic living and authenticity. She has worked with NGOs, universities, corporations and in private workshops to open paralyzed creative potential. She has also sung worldwide with many accomplished musicians, (including Sweet Honey in the Rock and Pete Seeger) and sung for the Dalai Lama. Her unique and powerful voice is found on many recordings, including the recent Being in Love.