Annette  Hughes

Annette Hughes

Annette grew up in Chicago born to a Polish mother and Cuban father with a stormy relationship. As a child she discovered acting and the thrill of connecting to an audience, writing, casting and performing her own play. Despite insecurities, she acted in high school and college and later in local commercials and local and traveling theatre. Drawn to the West Coast, she was in LA for a 2-week visit and was cast in her first movie lead with a "big star" in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. In Hollywood she felt swallowed up by her insecurities, nonetheless performing on TV and in TV movies, as well as commercials. Meanwhile, she searched for safe ways to heal, and she discovered Beth Green and The Stream, where she stepped into a community that supports her growth as a wife, parent, sister, friend and woman. At the Stream she is the director of the Healing Arts Theatre, which offers actors and audience a unique modality for self-expression and transformation. She is married with 2 children.