Cindy  Weston

Cindy Weston

Cindy Weston, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNS-CC, FNP-BC began her nursing career in 1989 in the cardiovascular recovery room at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital/Texas Heart Institute in caring for infants, children and adults after cardiac surgery and transplantation. She completed her master’s degree in 1995 as a critical care clinical nurse specialist with a research focus on re-warming after cardiac surgery. In 1996 she received the Betty Baker Distinguished Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing. In 2001, she obtained a post-Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner certification and moved to San Antonio in 2011 where her career has come full circle by returning to the care of infants and children with congenital heart disease. Cindy Weston is a nurse practitioner with the Congenital Heart Program and has served as the nurse practitioner for their Single Ventricle Clinic. She is completing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice with a research focus in improving feeding and growth outcomes in infants with single ventricle physiology.