Joan and John  Walker

Joan and John Walker

As a successful small business owner for more than 20 years, Joan influenced her employees and clients by integrating spiritual values into the business arena. Joan is a gifted channel for the archangels and ascended masters and has used this gift for many years. She emerged into the public arena in 2005 as a channel and spiritual teacher by facilitating teachings and special projects for Master Kuthumi and archangels – Metatron, Michael, Zadkiel and Uriel – to guide humanity’s shift in consciousness. John has great expertise in motivating people to utilize their inner knowing and inner strengths. The foundation for his skills came through the business world where he was a leader and manager for a large corporation, coaching and teaching sales. Using his own special spiritual gifts as the directing force, John taught self-confidence and self-respect, as well as compassion and respect for others as pivotal components in the team-building and problem-solving processes.