Diana  Polack

Diana Polack

Diana Polack founded Artware by You in 1993 when Diana, while serving as a PTA Board Member and the Fundraising Chair of her children's school, saw a need for quality fundraisers that promote creativity as well as build self esteem. Drawing on her expertise as a successful business woman, she created a company that delivers a quality art based fundraising program to schools throughout the country. Through the years Diana's business has expanded in many new and exciting directions. She has always kept in mind her mission, vision and desire to build self esteem in children, encourage appreciation in original artistry and inspire others to cherish original artwork and family photographs. In 2011 Diana embarked on spreading the word globally with her Walls That Unite Program. The premise of Walls that Unite is to educate children and their families about the needs of those less fortunate, while creating dynamic and healing art tile installations that raise funds for various initiatives both global and local.