Dr. Dee  Rajska

Dr. Dee Rajska

Dr. Dee Rajska is a clinical and rehabilitation psychologist. The focus of her clinical practice is on treatment of trauma. She has worked with survivors of childhood abuse, physical and sexual assaults, serious motor vehicle accidents, as well as workplace injuries and assaults. Her professional activities in her private practice are focused on treating service-related trauma in veterans, currently serving members of the Canadian Forces, as well as law enforcement professionals and first responders. She believes that those who have put their lives on the line to serve their country or community deserve to be treated with the utmost compassion, dignity, respect, and gratitude. Serving those who have served includes striving to continually educate herself to provide the very best possible care to my patients. In addition to her clinical work, she also writes Coming Back Home, a blog about PTSD for veterans, currently serving members of the military and their families. The goal of the blog is to provide easy-to-understand information about the biology behind PTSD, as well as to provide support to those with service-related PTSD and their families. You can find the blog at: http://canadianveteransadvocacy.com/comingbackhome/