Dimitri  Speck

Dimitri Speck

Dimitri Speck, consultant to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, GATA, is a quantitative asset manager, trading system developer and gold market analyst from Munich, Germany, specializing in pattern recognition of charts. Speck wrote the book “The Gold Cartel: Government Intervention on Gold, the Mega Bubble in Paper, and What This Means for Your Future,“ published late 2013. Speck is responsible for the Stay-C commodity fund that won the Hedge Fund Journal’s award as best European commodity fund. His two investment funds, a stock fund and a commodity fund, have considerably outperformed the market since inception. He is the founder and editor of the website “Seasonal Charts” (http://www.seasonalcharts.com/), where accurate daily seasonal charts are illustrated. He is a well-known expert on precious metals investment analysis, and has been interviewed for a number of investment letters and websites and spoken at industry events on the topic