Sheri  Turner

Sheri Turner

Sheri Turner is 44 and lost her firstborn son Thomas William Turner 16 years ago to hypoplastic left heart syndrome when he was 10 days old. After her son's death in 1997, Sheri organized the first Congenital Heart Defect or CHD Awareness Day in Massachusetts on February 14 of 2000 at Children's Hospital of Boston. After having organized several annual CHD Awareness Days in Massachusetts, she took a hiatus to continue her family. She was beginning a non-profit called the Massachusetts Heart Coalition when her second child, Allison Nicole Turner was born in 1999. Christopher followed in 2003 and Daniel in 2005. Raising her young family has been her focus for the last several years and has been instrumental in her healing journey. For the last couple years her children worked with their schools to collect valentines, blankets and toys for the children in the cardiology units at Children's Hospital of Boston. They also made lanyards for the nursing staff and delivered coffee and muffins.