Tim Manson

Tim Manson is owner of Innovative Horizons, www.innovativehorizons.com. His services include organizational development and motivational speaking. His own story of overcoming Multiple Sclerosis inspires his listeners to overcome the obstacles life places in their paths. His mission is inspiring others with MS, so that they can create the kind of life they truly want. His motto is “Changing Minds, One Heart at a Time.” He’s an experienced leader, educator, consultant and avid horseman, with over 34 years of experience of adult training and over 45 years of experience working with horses. He’s a pioneer in the field of Equine Assisted Professional and Personal Development. In these programs he partners with horses that help to facilitate desired changes in the leadership, team building and communication experiences of the human participants. By examining equine behavior and how the horses react to us, he says, we can better understand what may be more effective in our human situations.