Mark  Thornton

Mark Thornton

Mark Thornton is an American economist of the Austrian School, who has been described by the Advocates for Self-Government as "one of America's experts on the economics of illegal drugs.” Thornton has written extensively on that topic, as well as on the economics of the American Civil War, economic bubbles, and public finance. Libertarian organizations including the Independent Institute, the Cato Institute, and the Mises Institute have published Thornton's writings on drug prohibition and prohibition in general. Thornton received his B.Sc. from St. Bonaventure University (1982), and his Ph.D. from Auburn University (1989). Thornton taught economics at Auburn University for a number of years, additionally serving as founding faculty advisor for the Auburn University Libertarians. He is now a senior fellow and resident faculty member at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He is currently the Book Review Editor for the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.