Brad  Montgomery

Brad Montgomery

Brad is a totally unique blend of laugh-out-loud funny and thought-leader relevant. He is way more than a motivational speaker; he’s a motivational speaker who will make you laugh, get you and your organization involved (which makes the business message stick) and facilitate hands-on learning. He’s a speaker. Author. Comedian. Thought leader. Happiness expert. Magician. Facilitator. Oh, and did we mention he’s funny? But what his clients say about him most is that he is authentic. It’s a quality that is hard to describe but easy to detect. Your audience will know that Brad is the real deal. He isn’t just another talking head blow hard. He’s a nice guy who happens to be very funny when delivering meaningful business programs. Humor is one of the best ways to get people to let down their guards and to really listen to motivation. When you laugh – and laugh hard – you start to enjoy yourself. And when they are enjoying yourself you start to listen and learn.