Charles E.  Orser, Jr.

Charles E. Orser, Jr.

Charles E. Orser, Jr., is an anthropological historical archaeologist who investigates the modern world as it was created after about 1492. He gained his experience in historical archaeology in the United States (eastern and southern), Europe (Ireland), and South America (Brazil). He is the author of over 90 professional articles and a number of books, including Historical Archaeology, A Historical Archaeology of the Modern World, The Archaeology of Race and Racialization in Historic America, Race and Practice in Archaeological Interpretation, and Unearthing Hidden Ireland: Historical Archaeology at Ballykilcline, County Roscommon. He is also the founder and continuing editor of the International Journal of Historical Archaeology. His research interests include historical archaeology and anthropology; post-Columbian archaeology; practice, network, and sociospatial theory; globalization and consumerism; social inequality, discrimination, and poverty. His regional interest is the Atlantic world.