Jerry  Ford

Jerry Ford

Jerry Ford grew up in a small city in Southwestern Ontario which, he says, “in the 60s was very special. Small enough that you could participate in almost anything that was going on but large enough to have a university with all the stimulation that provides to a community. Especially in the 60s. At age 28 my storybook life was severely affected by the onset of multiple sclerosis. I had no time for this, busy as I was with my career and young family. I refused to buy into the prognosis I was given and 36 years later continue the daily fight to maintain my quality of life. And what a life it has been so far, the tension caused by sharing my body with a monster means I celebrate ever sacred moment and look to the future full of hope. Hope lives in everyone, often hidden, but many hopes intertwined create a safety net. My safety net is several people deep”.