Step  Sinatra

Step Sinatra

Step Sinatra is an entrepreneur, winemaker, spiritual teacher, and adventurer of life. His mantra is “Giving is Living” and he has dedicated his life to raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet. After five years as a successful Wall Street Trader in NYC, Step had gained the material world but lost his health. His journey of going all over the world and spending millions of dollars to recover his physical vitality resulted in one major and simple epiphany. It’s all God and Love. A near death experience also enlightened him to the importance of living a life of personal truth, self-discovery and compassion. He now runs a spiritually minded and organic wine company out of Napa Valley called FreeSpirit Wine. His other current endeavors include operating an Earthing lifestyle Web site called, writing a book for spiritually minded Entrepreneurs, and producing the sequel of the film “The Grounded.”