Dr. Melissa  Luke

Dr. Melissa Luke

Dr. Melissa Luke is a published author and a professional speaker who trains minds in performance excellence. She holds a doctoral degree in management specializing in the reduction of white-collar crime and fraud. Dr. Luke’s thoughts on customer service, fraud detection and reduction, and the educational system have been seen on Fox News, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Salem Communications, Educational News, The Chief Learning Officer, Alister and Paine, BLR, The American Management Association, and many other nationwide media outlets. Melissa was co-founder and president of one of the first online trading floors in the United States, was a Revenue Officer for the U.S Treasury, worked as a Sr. Business Analyst for one of the largest consulting firms in North America, and has been lecturing at the university level for a decade. She speaks professionally to diverse audiences covering human analytics, increasing performance in organizations.