Pastor Leo  Colon

Pastor Leo Colon

Pastor Leo Colon was born in Brooklyn , NewYork, in 1966. His parents raised him with a love for family, music, and a love for the things of God. With these principles firmly instilled, Pastor Colon grew to learn about a great many things from his parents. His brother and he would start to study music at an early age, which gave them an opportunity to travel a great deal. While away in college Pastor Colon recommitted his life to the LORD during a bible study group at Temple University, in Philadelphia, at the age of 19. This started Pastor Colon on a quest to get closer to God, and serve him with vigor. This search led him to find a church home, and led him to Elim International Fellowship, and the late Archbishop Wilbert McKinley. It was here where the LORD allowed him to study scripture, and sit at the Bishop’s feet. At Elim he was confirmed an Assistant Pastor, then later in 2000, ordained an Associate Pastor. It was also here where the LORD blessed him, and gave him his wife, Dorothy. At Elim, the LORD impressed on Bishop McKinley, to send Leo and Dorothy, on an Evangelistic endeavor that lasted four and one-half years. They would visit small churches in the New York metropolitan area, every Sunday, not knowing which church they would end up in from one Sunday to the next. It was one of the most rewarding, learning experiences that a young preacher could go through. They functioned in whatever capacity was necessary from Sunday to Sunday. The LORD gave Pastor a passion to teach the word of God, with simplicity and understanding. His unique way of teaching God’s word, brings clarity, and understanding to those who hear it. So pastor started In His Presence family Worship Center, in New York City. At IHP we worship the LORD, Jesus Christ, and are led by the Holy Spirit to teach God’s word with understanding, so that we can apply the truth of God to our every day life.