Margaret Straus

MARGARET STRAUS is Dr. Max Gerson’s granddaugher. Born in New York, since 1967 she has lived in Europe, first in London and presently on Lake Como. In the early 1970s she wrote an article about Dr. Gerson’s work for a large circulation British magazine, “Here’s Health,” specializing in natural medicine. The piece excited great public interest, and soon Ms. Straus was much in demand to write, lecture and hold seminars about the Gerson Therapy throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. In 1979, Margaret’s husband, Giuliano Dego, author and professor at London University, began to research the life and times of Dr. Gerson and in 1997 published his investigative novel, Doctor Max. The couple moved to Italy in 1982. In time, Margaret was contacted by the director of a publishing firm who, with her help and Prof. Dego’s editing and introduction, published the translation of S. J. Haught’s book Censured for Curing Cancer: the American Experience of Dr. Max Gerson. In 1999 the publishing giant Rizzoli published Doctor Max in Italian. It won the Latina National Paperback book award and received 130 reviews. The interest aroused by this gripping and disturbing novel led to the publication in Italian of Charlotte Gerson’s books, The Gerson Therapy and Healing the Gerson Way, the latter volume containing the documentary DVD Dying to Have Known by award-winning film-maker Stephen Kroschel. Margaret Straus was one of the editors of the text, and continues to write, lecture and give seminars in Italy to an increasing number of interested patients and doctors