Zig Misiak

Zig Misiak, www.realpeopleshistory.com, still sees himself as a student of Native/First Nations history and culture. In addition to providing curriculum and related support to schools in Ontario and other parts of Canada, his mission is to familiarize, coach, present, and mentor all those interested in Native Nations. He’s very clear stating that he speaks about but not for the Native Nations and always takes in to account both oral and written information, when available, respecting both sources. His work includes President of Real People's History, First/Native Nations History/Culture, Chairman, War of 1812, Author, Six Nations Iroquois Program Teacher's Resource Guide, Author, Western Hooves of Thunder (War of 1812), Author, Tonto: The Man in Front of the Mask (Jay Silverheels biography), recipient of the 2011, Shining Star Award, history & heritage, Brantford/Brant County/Six Nations/Mississauga, PBS/WNED TV, Bi-National Education Advisory Group, War of 1812 and much more.