Billi Caine

Billi Caine is long a member of the addiction recovery movement from all types of drugs – wet, dry and behavioral – including alcohol, cannabis (which ended in cannabis psychosis), cigarettes, gambling, painkillers, sleeping pills and pornography; a lifelong student of all things self-help and success related, the loved-one of addicts, a Registered General Nurse with a degree in Psychology. She was also a health care, social care, and advice giving professional for many years working with a diversity of disadvantaged people – including those with severe and enduring mental illness; addicts in needle exchange, people in the last stages of AIDS, ex-offenders, to name but a few – and is now a full time businesswoman specializing in recovery from addiction. Intimately involved with addicts, alcoholics and their loved ones for nearly 25 years, she speaks from both a personal and professional perspective. Billi will be launching a "Pornography Addiction Recovery and Mediation Kit" for Pornography Addicts and their Loved Ones in May, 2014.