Andrew  Bennett

Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett is a former Fortune 500 corporate executive who started his career as former U.S. presidential candidate H. Ross Perot’s personal assistant. Eight years later he led a $65 million business in Australia. He has over two decades experience as a leadership and organizational culture consultant and executive coach working with leaders all over the world in companies like Ford Motor Company, Marriott, GE Healthcare, and organizations of all sizes in government, education, health care and non-­‐profit. Andrew has been involved in nearly 40 major organizational transformations over the last 20 years. For over 45 years Andrew has been a magician and is a member of London’s Magic Circle, the highest honor in magic. Ross Perot encouraged Andrew to use magic in his business presentations and he has been refining this approach for the last 30 years. Magic is the art of transformation and Andrew uses it to enable people to rethink possibilities and obstacles, opening the door to innovative thinking. Overarching all of this Andrew is thriving despite decades of tragic losses. He uses his experience to teach others to find profound strength and meaning in adversity.