Ed  Marinaro

Ed Marinaro

Ed Marinaro is well known for both his athletic and acting achievements. He played football for Cornell University, was named a three-time All-American, and honored as a Heisman Trophy finalist in 1971. After college, Ed was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings as a running back; he played for the Vikings for four seasons, including two trips to the Super Bowl, before spending a year with the New York Jets and then the Seattle Seahawks. When a sideline injury hindered his athletic career, Ed turned to acting and moved to Hollywood. His big break was landing a guest-spot-turned-recurring-role on the sitcom, Laverne and Shirley. After that, he landed the role of Officer Joe Coffey on Hill Street Blues, which served as a template for future roles. Now a veteran actor, his most recent role was Coach Marty on the Blue Mountain State sitcom. Ed has moved his family to South Carolina and plans to take part in a Blue Mountain State feature film in the near future and is a frequent guest speaker.