Stéphane  Rosenwald

Stéphane Rosenwald

Stéphane Rosenwald is founder, president and CEO of RV Conseil® (Real Value Consulting®), a Paris/Tunis-based consultancy focusing on competitiveness, strategy and market intelligence. Stéphane specializes in corporate strategy, business models revolutions, value creation, innovation, business development, entrepreneurship, change management and competitive intelligence. An entrepreneur since 1998, he has led SMEs in the USA and Europe (in IT and FMCG). Stéphane has an MBA ESCP Europe and is founder of its Alumni Intelligence Economique & Stratégie Group.

He has contributed to a number of books on entrepreneurship and business intelligence, is co-author of "The Risk Manager and Business Intelligence." He is the co-founder and coach of the Risk Managers permanent Workshop on Business Intelligence. Stéphane teaches at several business schools and Universities in Europe and Africa and is a frequent, guest speaker at international conferences.