Richard  Rabbito

Richard Rabbito

Richard Rabbito is the Managing Director of The Overseas Development and Finance Group, a private practice focusing on development of emerging small public and non-public companies, assisting them to their next level of development. He has more than 30 years of business experience, primarily in Paris, London & New York, specializing in the funding, growth and development of companies and businesses. Working with an extensive client base in Europe and the US, he arranges financing, increases investor awareness and facilitates cross-border relationships and strategic alliances for clients for both the U.S. and European market place. Prior to 2000, he was an Associate with private investor, APR Associates, and headed RJR International, negotiating/financing oil contracts to ship owners worldwide. He is a Member of the Harvard Business Investment Group and the Financial Analysts and Money Managers Society and is connected with various foreign consulates to augment business relationships.