Lucinda  Yates

Lucinda Yates

Lucinda Yates is a uniquely creative person with a strong sense of purpose and direction. Given her natural instinct to be an entrepreneur coupled with her desire to help others, it is no surprise that she founded a company built on helping nonprofits. In the1980, Lucinda went from surviving a year and a half of homelessness with her daughter to building a multimillion dollar company that started by turning trash into one of a kind fashion jewelry. Lucinda founded Designs by Lucinda Inc. in 1989. One day, she noticed some colorful mat boards in a frame shop trash and pulled the discarded boards out. She cut them into elementary shapes, and created a pin that looked like a house. It became a Eureka” moment for her. Lucinda has defied typical business rules for growing her Designs by Lucinda, a multimillion dollar company. For example, every one of the 5 million products she has created and sold are one of a kind designs. No two pins are alike!