Kari  Gray

Kari Gray

Kari Gray has a professional career after facing terminal cancer in her 20's. The day she went to the doctor to receive a prognosis of no hope of survival is a day no one with good health sees coming, she says. In defiance of the sure death forecast for her by two medical diagnoses, she explains, she got a second chance at life because alternative medicine saved her. She adds that her experience of the life-saving effectiveness of alternative treatments created her passion and drive to ‘pay it forward’ with her professional mission to take this experience and be the voice of change. By creating a lifesaving empowering solution, change for the better is soon to be the result. She says that, in 2014, as Obamacare forces some 47 million people into health insurance coverage, Green-Surance, www.green-surance.com, is now the ‘Voice for Choice’ by providing innovative alternative medicine health insurance.