Shawn  Shewchuk

Shawn Shewchuk

From humble beginnings Shawn Shewchuk has overcome immense challenges, and in a very short amount of time has skyrocketed to being one of the most sought after speakers, coaches and wealth building authorities in the country. Shawn has successfully established, built and sold numerous successful companies in multiple and diverse verticals. From real estate and retail to assisting companies both large and small, even Fortune 500 companies. Shawn has the experience and continues to offer his unique and successful approaches around the world. Just a few short years ago, getting by was all Shawn was concerned about. Actually, all he was doing was getting by. He’d lost everything he’d worked for and owned, including his own home. In just a few years, Shawn has achieved phenomenal and incredible results. Within just one year, he increased his income from $15,000 to over $100,000. He was able to do something that very few people have ever done.