Serenity  Stewart

Serenity Stewart

Serenity Stewart came from a musical family. Her mom was an opera singer and her dad a pianist— and she grew up with an enormous talent of her own. Instead of pursuing music, however, she fell in love, got married, became a mother, got divorced, and was intent on supporting her family. She became what most people would consider very successful: an important job managing a busy medical office, a nice place to live, money to give her kids a good education and "the good life." But her dream was to sing. When she had a brain aneurism everyone, including Serenity, thought she was dying. She did not. And recovering from this this ordeal she promised herself she would sing. And sing she does. She has two albums: P.S. I Love You and her just released Champagne Taste. But more, she has a career as an entertainer that is exploding. She is living her dream, at last.