Lee Shepard

Lee Shepard is creator of Intracoastal Eco-Systems. Lee lives in Palm Beach County near the shoreline of Lake Worth Lagoon and where natural mangrove forests once thrived before seawalls were built for the sake of the million dollar views. The natural mangroves were never to be replanted. There was always shrimp for bait and eating, clams and oysters, blue crabs and large resident bait schools from herring to sardines and mullet. Snapper, Trout, Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, and Grouper, including the amazing Goliath Groupers were aplenty. When used together, Lee’s eco-friendly products will help return the barren seawalls and semi-barren areas under docks to once again healthy, self-sustaining and thriving intracoastal ecosystems. If we all work together, we can obtain these goals through natural restocking.