Michael  Cohen

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is President/ Founder of the Center for Brain Training, in Boca and Jupiter. Florida. CBT provides help for attention, cognitive function, depression, anxiety, sleep, and neurological conditions. He's a leading expert in EEG Neurofeedback, which helps improve brain function. He’s taught the technology to health and medical professionals for 16 years and has been integrally involved in this emerging industry during that time. Cohen has served on the Board of Directors for two of the largest professional organizations in the field of neurofeedback. He has produced over 36 monthly audio CD interviews with top industry leaders, as well as with professionals from other related fields. These professionals share their experience and expertise in using neurofeedback with PTSD, depression, ADD, autism, etc. Called the ‘Phone Forum’, the CD's are distributed around the world to neurofeedback professionals. It continues to be a popular series for new and experienced clinicians.