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Anna Jaworski

Anna Jaworski knew early on she wanted to breastfeed her children. After the birth of her first child, Joey, she had no trouble with breastfeeding from the start. Anna appreciated the many health and emotional benefits she could provide for her child through breastfeeding. She faced a completely different breastfeeding situation with her second child, Alex, who was born with an undiagnosed heart defect. Inspired by her experiences with Alex and Joey, Anna became an advocate within the parenting and congenital heart defect communities. As an author, publisher, and public speaker, Anna strives to provide hope, inspiration, and information on congenital heart defects. My Brother Needs an Operation has helped families around the world talk with children about a sibling’s hospitalization. Anna is the owner and founder of Baby Hearts Press, president of Hearts Unite the Globe, and host of a talk show, Heart to Heart with Anna, on BlogTalkRadio. She can be reached at