Wendy  Chen

Wendy Chen

Wendy Chen is a Hong Kong based entrepreneur at the intersection of data, technology and culture. She grew up in prefectural level China. After graduating in Systems Engineering from Waterloo, Wendy became a quant trader for a high frequency trading firm. She has always been fascinated by how apparel could “help a girl from humble origins fit into a much different social class.” Wendy is currently the founder / CEO of SILK (by Omnistream Co.), a social CRM extension for luxury retailers. SILK’s specialty is empowering frontline luxury staff to drive customer relationships. Wendy brings her unique background in data to create an anticipatory solution designed specifically for the workflow of the frontline, resulting in a drastic increase in CRM usage and customer communications. She believes strongly in the future of emerging markets as consumers, and the need of future software to be empathetic to the needs of the changing world. Wendy kitesurfs in her spare time.