Dena Taylor

A month before she was to celebrate her 40th birthday in Italy, single, freelance writer Dena Taylor was diagnosed with breast cancer, and indefinitely postponed her trip. Instead of strolling through the Old Country and flirting with Italian men, she grappled with fear and sadness, and guilt about a rather strong dislike of pink ribbons. Several months of treatment and a few uncomfortable breast cancer awareness events later, Dena accepted that she was diagnosed with a disease, not a cause, and resolved to support research but ultimately live life undefined by cancer. Nearly complete and available for representation, I Don't Wanna Be Pink is Dena’s candid, sharp-witted memoir about reclaiming love, sex and adventure in the wake of cancer. Dena is an award-winning copywriting, and has written for Austin Woman magazine, Fresh Yarn, Yankee Pot Roast, and the Seeking Shama- and Cancer, Cancer bo-Bancer blogs. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado. Learn more at