Karen  Palmer

Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer of Bethlehem, PA, worked as a dental assistant for 32 years. Working with dental mercury Karen thought she was taking all the proper precautions only to discover at great health costs that her office had failed to offer her adequate protection and she had 12 ¾ times acceptable exposure to mercury. Karen suffers from neurological damage, severe parasthesia, peripheral toxic neuropathy, loss of tendon reflex, and other symptoms of demyelination that are the hallmarks of progressive neurodegenerative autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue and memory loss. Disabled, Karen successfully fought Workman's Compensation in 2005 and was awarded full disability in 2006. Karen testified at FDA Hearings in 2006 and active in city & state legislations, OSHA Petition, and attended Congressional Hearings that involved the EPA, FDA and ADA. Karen is currently a Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions coordinator and an affiliate of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Mercury Free Dentistry.