Jessica  Bettilyon

Jessica Bettilyon

I’m the Owner of Living 2B Fit, a fitness community where we motivate, inspire, & support healthy living and staying fit. Along with the start of my journey as an entrepreneur, I am currently a full-time middle school special education teacher pursuing my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership while also training full time as a novice figure competitor in the sport of bodybuilding. I have come to realize that “Living 2B Fit” is my ultimate goal, and working toward getting others motivated to make it their goal is just as much a priority. I want to show individuals that with the right steps, a fit lifestyle is achievable for anyone. I plan on doing this through: blogging my own personal testimony on my journey toward a longstanding career in figure, motivating others through powerful messages, and sharing my own tips on gaining a healthy lifestyle in a realistic and achievable way through recipes, training videos, and much more!