Chris  Jepson

Chris Jepson

Chris Jepson, RN, RD, CLC has worked in the maternal-child health field for almost 30 years. After earning a Bachelor's in Nutrition (Virginia Tech, 1984)and working with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic, she became a WIC nutritionist and pursued a Bachelor's in Nursing at San Diego State University. After her first son was born prematurely, Chris experienced breastfeeding challenges. As a result, she dedicated herself to lactation support. After moving to New Mexico, Chris worked as a nurse manager and educator with the Maternity and Infant Care Program (University of New Mexico). Chris went on to have a long, successful breastfeeding relationship with her second son, who came to the family by adoption. Chris has worked with Breastfeeding Council, Home Health, Families First, and the First Born Program supporting women and their families in new parenthood and breastfeeding. She is part of a team working towards Baby Friendly Hospital status for Gila Regional Medical Center.