Rico  Racosky

Rico Racosky

A motivational choice expert for over 25 years, Rico Racosky has condensed ALL of life for EVERY person on the planet into one simple key phrase: “Just 2 Choices.” Yes, life IS that simple. Find out how saying this simple “Just 2 Choices” phrase at any moment in your day can IMMEDIATELY open wide the door to positive personal growth in any life area—be it health, wealth, relationships, career or life journey. Legendary success expert Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series says, “Rico has simplified the entire process of self-development with his brilliant, breakthrough concept of Just 2 Choices.” Do you feel “stuck” in some area of your life? Rico will show how you are “stuck” only once—and then how to “unstuck” yourself forever and “revolutionize” your entire life starting with your very next choice, RIGHT NOW. He will also share 12 more simple yet powerful techniques to help you accelerate your success by creating your very own “Choice Revolution.”