Dr. Lyal  White

Dr. Lyal White

Dr. Lyal White is the director of the Centre for Dynamic Markets at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, where he is also a senior lecturer focusing on political economy and strategic thinking in Africa, Asia and Latin America. As Director for the CDM he drives research and learning in Dynamic Markets at GIBS. He also heads up the CDM Africa office in Nairobi where he spends 50% of his time. He is widely published in news media and academic journals. He has worked in a range of sectors and with various private and government organizations across the globe covering themes from investment rationale, leadership and competitiveness in Dynamic Markets to reform, growth and development in Africa and Latin America. He is coordinating research and dialogue geared toward improving Africa’s political and commercial relations with Latin America and understanding the role of emerging powers and new dynamic markets in Africa and the world Contact: whitel@gibs.co.za