Yvette  Aitkens

Yvette Aitkens

Yvette Aitkens attended primary, middle and high school in England and continued on to college where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Human Resources. Although it was the pursuit of love that brought her and her young daughter to the United States, it would ultimately be her desire to make a difference that kept her here. Yvette admits that adjusting to the American way of life was difficult. “No one could understand what I was saying,” she says. Determined not to allow minor setbacks to detour her from the path she wanted to create, Yvette decided to make a life here for her and her daughter. Early on, Yvette sensed that more could be done to provide quality care to the citizens that had given so much in past generations and felt compelled to do her part. With the acknowledgement that she would one day become a senior citizen and the memories of personal moments that she shared with her grandmother before her passing prevalent in her mind, Yvette created SmartChoice Home Health Agency, Inc. in 2002, diligently formed the foundations of a company that was to grow to a multi-million dollar entity. With great consideration and soul searching, Yvette led the company and her team to service the geriatric population throughout NJ as they managed multiple state contracts to a national acquisition and sold the organization in 2010. Yvette credits the grace of God for overcoming all the adversities she has endured while creating a successful business. In the short time that SmartChoice has been caring for the elderly and disabled communities in New Jersey, Yvette's desires continues and now through vision, patience and perseverance, her attention is focused on the new chapter of her career by forming Senior Support Advisors, LLC which is positioned to be a healthcare movement transcending across multiple state lines. Yvette continues to share her knowledge and expertise and currently provides healthcare consulting and education to various small or distressed companies, and is actively operating another home health agency in South Carolina where the mission is to serve those in need, regardless of their social economic background and to stimulate employment efforts for future generations. Yvette has succeeded in building multiple businesses including a restaurant along the way, but her commitment continues to share those lessons, create opportunities and embrace the talents that God has given and now embarks to not only build a business, but create her “legacy”. Women to Women Enterprise has been developed to be an organization that encourages and nurtures the women entrepreneurs to come together, cultivate traits and behaviors of our “young women” that they will manifest into strong, recognized and influential business women for the future.