Sandra  Champlain

Sandra Champlain

Sandra Champlain,, is a top graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. She owns The Kent Coffee and Chocolate Company in Connecticut and travels with world-class race car teams providing hospitality in the American Le Mans and Grand-Am series. However, her fear of dying and skepticism led her on a 15-year journey to discover the undeniable proof of life after death and the reason we experience grief. After the death of her father, she created "How to Survive Grief," a free audio that was quickly heard by thousands worldwide. Armed with this powerful information that has reduced pain and saved lives, she realized a book must be written. In January 2013, "We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death" was published. It has become a #1 best-seller in the United States and Canada. It has been rated one of the top grief and motivational books on Amazon.